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Thank you for your interest in our website. On this page we would like to give you a short introduction to our website and inform you about some key facts and advertising oportunities.

With, every one can place files on the internet - without prior registration and completely free. You can quickly share your favorite pictures or home videos with friends or relatives simply by giving them the download url of your file - which will be presented to you after your upload. Besides this core service, we also allow people to create public or private folders containing multiple files. This enables users to arrange multiple files on one single web page - very similar to a normal photo album.

Advertising on has numerous advantages:

  • flexible ad formats and campains possible
  • Theme or color based adaption of the entier website as part of an exclusive campain possible
  • No advertising agency in the middle - very low priced ad space!
  • Long average display time of ads during file downloads.
  • Advertising on QShare is easy and effective: We support all ad formats as well as popdowns.
  • Our key facts: We are a young and innovative website with an average monthly growth rate between 200% and 300%. If you require more detailed data, please contact us.

  • Visitor origin: USA, Germany, Japan, England, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, India, Netherlands
  • Page impressions (monthly): > 20 Mio.
  • New customer registrations (daily): > 500
  • Page impressions / visitor: > 6
  • Average time spent on website: > 9 minutes
  • If you require more detailed or recent facs or if you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us:

  • Online web form
  • Email: support at
  • Telephone: +49 30 80584906
  • FAX: +49 30 80584907

  • Your QuickShare Team

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