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I can't download from QuickShare...

Please do not use download managers for our free downloads. Download managers are only supported in connection with premium downloads. Please also keep in mind that free downloads don't work with changing Ips: If your IP changes on every page, you cannot use our free service (this does not concern users with normal dynamic IPs). Only premium downloads support changing IPs.

I haven't downloaded anything but my traffic limit is reached...

If you access the Internet with a proxy, you share one IP address with many other users. From our perspective, you appear as one single user. If your limit has been reached, this means that another user which has the same IP as you has downloaded files from QuickShare during this hour. Users with premium accounts can use our service even with proxies - without interfering with other customers that share the same IP.

How can I use download managers with QuickShare?

Download managers are only supported with premium downloads. The following download managers are officially supported: FlashGet, DAP, FDM, ReGet and GetRight. Until now, we do not know of any download manager that is not compatible.

Please make sure that your download manager identifies itself as a download manager. Most download managers do so automatically. However if you use Flashget you have to tell FlashGet to do so manually: Go to "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Protocol" -> "HTTP" and change the setting "User-Agent" to "FlashGet".

Now in order to actually start a download using your download manager, you basically have two options:

a) Insert the normal download link of the desired file into your download manager and activate authorization. When asked for credentials, enter your QuickShare username and password (left screenshot: FlashGet) or

b) Open the QShare link in your browser (in order to do this, you have to deactivate direct downloads: "Your Account" -> "Direct Downloads"). Click on "Premium" on the first page. Then take the displayed premium link on the next page and insert it into your download manager. You do not have to supply any credentials to your download manager as they are included in your premium link.

How do I upload an entire folder at once?

In this case we strongly recommend using our java uploader. This way you can upload up to 100 files at once, can browse through thumbnails of your files and see the progress of your uploads. You don't even have to register in order to use the java uploader.

What are remote uploads and how can I trigger them?

Remote uploads are server-to-server uploads. You just specify the URL to a file that is already online somewhere and our servers will try to download that file directly from the remote server. Depending on the speed of the remote server, this normally takes less then 2 minutes.

In order to be able to trigger remote uploads, you have to register for free. When logged in, go to our "upload" page. Click on the arrows on the right side of the field "Java Upload". This way you can easily upload files that are hosted by other webhosters. Please keep in mind that when uploading files from 1-click-hosters, you have to specify either the specially formatted premium link or in other cases you have to include your username and password in the following format http://username:password@some-rapid-hoster.com/files/filename.rar.

What are direct downloads and how do I activate them?

Direct downloads are only available to premium customers. If activated, downloads start automatically after having clicked on a download link. In order to activate this option, go to "Your Account" and select "direct downloads".

When are my files deleted?

As an owner of a premium flatrate, your files are never deleted by us. All other files are being deleted if they are not downloaded for 90 days. This is a necessary procedure in order to make room for some new files.

I do not get any premium points / cash for my uploaded files

Please keep in mind that your points and cash are only updated once every hour. Please also note that you do not get cash for downloads from every country (more then 25 countries, for more details visit the "Bonus Program" page when logged in). Another important fact: When dealing with very little number of overall downloads (less then 20-30) the system is inaccurate (on purpose). Example: Your file has been downloaded 3 times. You receive 7 points. Example 2: Your file gets downloaded 4 times, you receive no points. This behaviour is purposely added in order to avoid fraud. Once you have reached 20 downloads, the difference between the number of downloads and your points should be minimal. The same applies if you have a large amount of files with very little downloads each (once your files together have more then 20 downloads). Statistically, the chance that you'll receive less points then downloads is equal to the chance that you will receive more. In conclusion, the system is inaccurate when dealing with sums below 3-4 cents.

Can I use a flatrate and premium volume at the same time?

In case you have an active flatrate and premium volume at the same time, we will automatically use your flatrate and not your premium volume. Once your flatrate has expired, your premium volume will be used for your downloads.

How save are my files at QuickShare?

Files that are hosted on our servers are not stored on a single server but on multiple servers. Moreover, by using the lastest cluster technology, your files are stored in a network and not on a single server. This way you can access your file by any of your servers. This way your file is stored redundantly within our network on servers with redundant raid systems. The result is a failsafe performance with guaranteed data integrity. Furthermore, all of our servers are equipped with numerous redundant components and have access to emergency power supply.

I think you should implement a feature / I have some more questions

Please contact us ;-). We are extremely grateful for any customer feedback. If you report things that went wrong or that you didn't like, this helps us improving our service for you. If you would like a new feature implemented, tell us about it. We will try to implement it your you. :-). In case you have any more questions, please also don't hesitate to contact us... we are awaiting your email.

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